How This Works...

This is a free gift for you.  Check out this 3 part course that will teach you how to tap into your authentic vision so you can get clear on what truly drives you.  With each step you will gain the confidence you need to take action on what matters most for you.

This is a blueprint process that helps you to literally bring your imagination to life so you can fully step into the hero role of your own journey.

  • develop a clear vision, plan and strategy to show up in the world as an authentic visionary leader
  • clarify your narrative so you can be, live, communicate and create what you truly want in the world

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

Frequently asked questions

⁃You are the hero on your journey and this is your guide helping you to make your way.  As you face your own challenges, obstacles, set-backs and struggles you will have a plan placed in front of you on how to overcome them.  It is helping you see your way when that gets unclear.

⁃Well, you are the one who has the passion that is either not getting the attention, or the guidance, that it needs.  So it’s a matter of if you are ready to finally give those things to yourself or not.  Whatever you want to bring out of you, this is designed to help that happen.

⁃This is designed to bring that natural creative part of you out into the world to be expressed authentically.  This is meant to help you define the truest form of who you are so that you can build and create with it.  What you will do with this, how you will share it with the rest of the world, will be your own life legacy.

⁃It costs you nothing.  Until you are accepted in you don’t have to pay anything.  Since there are various investment options in yourself we will find the right fit for you if you are the right fit for this.

⁃There are all sorts of options available and it’s about finding something that is manageable for you based on how committed you are.  Money can be a obstacle for everyone and the point is getting over it, not letting it stop you.

⁃That is up to you.  We all get the same amount of time in a given day and it’s what we do with that time that counts.  Time is one of the biggest obstacles people face in pursuit of their passions.  The plan is to help you make time for it and make it work for you specifically.

⁃You must have a commitment with yourself to follow through and a will to push past your discomforts.  You must be a team player and see that this is about connection as much as it is about self-fulfilment, they go hand in hand.  You must decide you are worth fighting for and be willing to invest in yourself.

⁃That’s exactly why this exists.  You will get in your own way and so this is designed to help you through all the ways you do that.  This is someone holding your hand when you are to defiant or afraid to step through what stops you on your own.  This is someone having tut back so you feel safe to go forward.

⁃Trust is earned and first you must find trust in yourself.  If you have let yourself down in the past this may need to be rebuilt, but you can do it if you are willing.  This is designed to help you find the personal confidence and self-esteem required to be unshakable by the outside world.

⁃This is something you may want to ask yourself.  If it is okay with you living your entire life putting the most important things inside of you aside then no this is not for you.  Alternatively, if you are ready to dig in and find your authentic voice then it may be the most worthwhile thing ever embark on.

⁃If you are accepted in, start out and don’t like it, you will be given a chance to walk away.  You will be given that offer in the first week as a trial period.  Also note though, if you start out and are not a fit, don’t do your part, you may be asked to step down.  This is initially a trial for both the process and for you.

⁃This might sound cliche, but you were literally born ready.  The world around you might not have nurtured or encouraged that fire inside of you, but it has always been ready for you to let it out.  You are ready if you give yourself permission to be.

Authentic Visionary uses a cross platform education system available for all devices.